Finasteride in Canada: Avoiding Name Brands

Finasteride has been shown to prevent hair loss in up to 90% of people. It is one of two scientifically backed hair loss treatments. In Canada finasteride requires a prescription from a doctor, which you can get online here. Doctors normally prescribe the name brand product, Propecia. This is often expensive, ranging between $50 and $100/month and rarely covered by health insurance. Is there a way to reduce the cost? A generic finasteride 1mg is available from most pharmacies, but you'll still be paying upwards of $50/month.

A trick to save even more and possibly have your health insurance cover your prescription is to request Proscar. This product is a finasteride pharmaceutical typically prescribed for other medical conditions, and because of this, it is often covered by health insurers. One inconvenience with this version of the drug is that it comes in a higher dosage and needs to be quartered. This small inconvenience can save you between $50 and $100/month. Even uninsured buyers will save nearly 80% over the name brand Propecia. 

If you're looking for a Propecia or Proscar prescription, you can talk to a doctor online and get your medication shipped to your home via Essential Clinic.