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Should Women Use Men’s Minoxidil Products?

First, let’s discuss the difference between men’s and women’s minoxidil or lack thereof. There is no compositional difference between men’s and women’s products. Both contain the active ingredient (minoxidil) in identical quantities. The effectiveness and mechanism of action are identical, meaning they are essentially the same product packaged differently. With that established, why should women consider buying men’s minoxidil? Namely, price. Men’s products are dramatically cheaper.  It’s difficult to compare the price of women’s and men’s products directly because the dosage for men and women differ. Women are instructed to apply minoxidil once per day, whereas men are instructed to apply minoxidil twice per day. Because minoxidil products are typically sold based on the supply duration (4 months, 6 months...

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Buying Kirkland Minoxidil Foam and Liquid In Canada

Is there a generic Rogaine? Indeed. Costco Wholesale USA produces a generic Rogaine product under their Kirkland label. They produce both a 6 month supply of 5% liquid minoxidil and 5% foam. Unfortunately, these products are unavailable in Costco stores within Canada, and Costco USA will not ship these products outside the United States. What are the benefits of the generic? Namely, price. The Kirkland products contain the exact same active ingredient (minoxidil) in the exact same quantity, but without the Johnson & Johnson brand name. You can decide for yourself whether the brand name is worth it for you, for us, we have used the Kirkland brand for years with great results. Hair Supply solves a problem we had...

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Women's vs. Men's Minoxidil Dosage - Clearing Up the Confusion

Minoxidil products, whether they be foam or liquid, are accompanied by a supply indication which can cause some confusion. Men's Rogaine foam is sold in a 3 month supply which includes 3 60 gram cans. However, Women's Rogaine foam is sold in a 4 month supply version that includes 2 60 gram cans. The reason for this is women's Rogaine foam is to be applied once per day as recommended by the manufacturer, whereas men's Rogaine foam is to be applied twice per day. We hope to clarify the confusion with the table below. Although we have not included generic minoxidil products, they follow the same dosage guidelines for both foam and liquid.   Product            ...

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