About Hair Supply


After experiencing the first signs of hair loss we did the same thing most people do, rush out and buy minoxidil. Trying to find minoxidil products locally, at fair prices, on a consistent basis was frustrating to say the least, and so… in 2016, Hair Supply was born. Over the last several years we’ve refined our knowledge of hair loss therapy by interviewing dermatologists and other notable hair loss specialists and digging deep into the scientific literature.

We started with minoxidil and over time we’ve brought together a small collection of products, with solid scientific evidence backing their use, many of which are unavailable anywhere else in Canada. Our goal is to bring you a selection of products on the cutting edge of hair loss therapy, and help you assemble treatment protocols that provide the strongest possible protection for your hair. You can be sure that if we carry a product it has irrefutable scientific evidence of efficacy, and has demonstrated utility in clinical trials.

Hair Supply is a Canadian company with offices in Calgary, Alberta and a warehouse in New York. Our goal is simple, we aim to bring you a curated selection of hair loss therapies with strong scientific and clinical evidence of efficacy, at affordable prices.

We ship every order, shortly after its placed, from our offices in Calgary or our warehouse in New York. Where your order ships from depends on when it is placed, stock at our Calgary and New York locations, and where you are located in the country. We ship orders within one to three days of the date they are placed. We provide a shipping notification the moment your products leave our warehouse.

With Hair Supply shipping is always free. Your orders are delivered via Canada Post, major metropolitan areas can expect delivery within 5 to 7 business days of the ship date.

We are a business built on customer service, above all, we want our customers to be happy. We know what its like ordering online and not receiving your products for weeks, receiving no contact, no tracking numbers etc... We built Hair Supply with this in mind. We stay in touch with our customers from the moment orders are placed through delivery. We are always available through our chat system on the bottom right and are happy to answer your questions. Questions about treatment protocols and products are more than welcome.

We take your privacy seriously. All Hair Supply packages ship discretely, packaging will not include any outside reference to package contents, however, to avoid confusion, we will use our name on the package shipping label. If this concerns you, please contact us, we will be happy to ship under a more discrete name.

Warm regards from the team at Hair Supply.